Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kelley's Island

So took a little break from blogging and focused on work and myself and realized that I am getting better at watching what I eat and watching my moods. Today off all days was a crappy one. I wanted to share my little mini vacation that I had this weekend with my hubby.

On Friday morning we woke up around 7:45 to start to pack and to start the anticipation of the fun filled weekend ahead. I had packed the night before so I more or less had to just get my husband to wash his clothes and get them packed. Our friend Ray was going with us and he met us at our house at 10:45. So finally around 11 am we were off...to Wal-Mart to get food and supplies. Around $80 bucks later we were on our way ... to my work to get a disk for my laptop so that I could get on the internet while we were on the island. Then we were really on our way.

The ride to Marblehead to get on the Kelley's Island Ferry is about an hour from where we live and I just enjoyed the ride. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. After we drove on the Ferry, which does take vehicles, it was only a 20 minute ride to the island.

Once we got on the Ferry, I just started to let the stress of work, money, and life wash away and I told myself I didn't want to think about anything stressful or worrisome. I was just going to let the island wash away my worries. And it worked.

We got to our condo and our other friends, Nick and Diane, were already there and they were out driving around the island. I was so excited for later that night when our friends Denny and Susan were going to meet up with us at the bar Bag The Moon. Denny is a DJ (click here for his website) and he was playing Friday and Saturday night. Now Saturday was the Kentucky Derby and I knew a big party was coming. And of course I forgot my big floppy hat. Dang!

Here is a picture of some ladies and their hats!

(Here is a picture of Bag The Moon Bar)

Here is a picture of Denny and Susan (we call them Mom and Dad):

Here is a picture of Nick and Diane with their mustaches. (Mustache story: Denny is Mexican and he does a character called "Julio". "Julio" wears a mustache and tells funny jokes and stories. So we all have mustaches and play along with it. Like my husband has a t-shirt that says on the back "Julio's Son", mine says "Julio's Son's Ho", and Susan's says, "Julio's Ho". It is our favorite part of the night.)
So we unpacked our stuff and we went to go have dinner at the bar as they were having all you can eat fish. Now I don't do the all you eat anymore so I had a gyro and I pretty much ate half. My husband ate the rest. But is was oh so good. Then Denny started playing. I love to hear him sing. He also plays the guitar and sings all kinds of songs. I could listen to him for hours. I have told my husband on many occasion that I would rather listen to Denny sing a song than the original artist. He just laughs at me.

So the weather started getting a little chilly and of course I was feeling a little frisky so I had a strawberry shot. Now a strawberry shot is a big strawberry that is holed out and a strawberry ligquer is poured in it and topped with whipped cream. Of all things that are holy these are the best things! They are sooooo good. So of course after my second one, I realized that I do get drunk a lot faster. Boy was I feeling good. I was lettin loose. I was dancing like I haven't danced in years and of course Susan was there to take pictures. And no I am not posting them and she promised me that she would not put them on Denny's website. (Susan you better not even think about it!)
So Saturday morning came and we again went to the bar for breakfast, yes we ate food and didn't drink our breakfast. I had half a breakfast sandwhich. Now we all have this running joke that once you eat, check your watch and pray to God that you can make it to a bathroom in the next half hour. I think the reason for the dumping is because the grease they use. It is like car oil. Actually I do believe it is car oil now that I think about it.

So for the rest of the afternoon we drove around for a little bit and went to see the glacial grooves, the beach, and of course the house that we want to buy when we win that damn lottery. But enough of daydreaming.

After we were done driving around and seeing the sights, my husband let me go through the shops. And I love going through the shops. But I was dissapointed. They haven't got all their new items in for the summer seeing as this was the opening weekend for Kelley's Island. I was so sad. So I went back to the condo and veg'd and read my book.

And later that night we had a little surprise birthday party for my husband Kristian. He turned 27 on April 26th. I decorated a 3 layer german chocolate cake for him. Now I didn't have any cake and I was really wanting some, but I didn't want to miss the bar by being in the bathroom trying to get rid of it. So no cake for me.

Now that night at the bar was a whole new story. The place was packed. I have never seen so many people. They ran out of all beer and strawberry shots. And of course we had some fights and some people got arrested. Oh well. What a night!

Here is a picture of the empty cooler:

So the funny story of the next day was as we were leaving the island we decided to drive around once more and just see the sights one last time. So we are on a dead end road and my husband is trying to back up to turn around and BAM! he backed into a freaking tree. Now we drive a Lincoln Navigator and it is my baby so of course I freaked out and jumped out of the truck while yelling at my husband. I run to the back of the truck and of course, no damage. Now if I would have been the one backing up the bumper would have been pushed in and the back window would have busted out.

Here are some random pictures from the weekend:

(Ray and I at the bar)

My hubby and Me:

Some crazy drunk guy with a stuffed horse around his neck.

Awww someone is tired at the end of the night. He actually was snoring!

On the way home, I feel asleep and as soon as we pulled in the driveway I woke up and all the worrys came right back. Ugh I hate real life. Why can't I win the lottery?


So all in all, I have been doing great and losing weight. I have lost 60 lbs and my pants are starting to fall down. In fact, last week I was walking outside of work and I stepped on the hem of my pants and pulled my pants down to my kness. Thank God no one was around, but I bet the security camera saw me. Oh well. They got a show. I feel so good. I have more confidence and have so much more energy. I can bend over now and still breath. I do it just to see how long I can go before I go lightheaded. (Right now my record is 5 minutes). People up at Kelley's probably thought I was doing yogo or something because I did it on the back deck. Just me, bending over, looking at my watch to see how long I could go. I am dumb. I know. You're laughing now. It's okay. You can.

So the food that I have been addicted to lately is the tuna and crackers packages for lunch. It is the perfect size. It has six crackers and a little can of tuna and a small tube of low fat mayo. It is so easy and it fits in my purse. Now I know a small child could fit into my purse (I actually did put a baby in my purse just to see if she would fit. She did.) but I am just saying that if you had a small purse, it would still fit. I love these things. They are so good and fill me up and a great source of protein. Yea for protein! I have been trying to eat more meat and less carbs. Fruit is still bothersome for me unless it is in a yogurt and I am so burnt out on yogurt that I just haven't been able to bring myself to eat it lately. So no fruit for me. But all in all I am doing great. Lovin life and lovin to win the lottery!