Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So much to do...vent a little....

I am horrible at this blogging thing. I know that I am supposed to do it more often, but then I get caught up in life. You all have it. It's like an infection that blisters and bleeds. Its laundry, dishes, cleaning, working, and trying to fill in a little of summer fun.

So a little update:....drumroll please.......I am now at 97 pounds lost. I am just so thrilled! I can harldy wait to see the 100 pounds lost. And then when I get to under 300 pounds I am gonna take a picture and I want to never see that number again on the scale.

I have been working so hard, watching what I eat and pushing myself a little harder each day. Since my little accident with my knee, I have been afraid to walk. But I am hoping that one of these days I will be inspired enough to get back out there.

So about my job. Now don't get me wrong, I love my job. I love the people that I work with, but I don't love the customer base. They are the whiniest, bitchiest, tantrum to get their own way people. Sometimes I just want to scream at them and say, "This is not freakin Burger King, you can't have it your way!" I am sorry that it is my fault that you don't have a cell phone signal in your house. Apparently it is my big bertha ass hovering over your house and blocking all the signal. I'm sorry. I apologize more at work than I ever have. I believe in what I sell and love the business that I am in. But hell, do they have a school to teach people to be assholes? Sorry for the little vent. I guess being off work for 2 days has given me time to reflect and to realize that I don't want to go back tomorrow. I don't like the feeling of not wanting to go to work. I used to love work.

So basically the moral of the story is this. That person that is serving you today is someones daughter, son, mother, father, sister, brother, and friend. How would you like if someone treated them like crap? I live by the golden rule. Treat others how you would want to be treated.